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Teaching Women Entrepreneurs to grow their businesses with the most powerful marketing platform on the planet…

The Facebook Sales Funnel.

[and still have room in their lives for me-time, family-time and self-care.]

 Create the AD that closes the SALE!

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Facebook advertising is not about the tech, the click or even the like. It’s Facebook. It’s about the conversation. 

So, skip the process of building time-consuming, complicated and expensive sales funnels that bring in minimum sales or none at all.

Instead, build a thriving business by building the audience first—on the one platform where conversations take place.

Use one simple funnel to grow your tribe fast and grow your sales faster.

Then, spend the time you saved planning family outings, girlfriend gatherings, and do-not-disturb-me moments.

How? Have conversations with your audience.

I gathered all of the moving pieces of the Facebook Sales Funnel, and developed a simplified process so you can have that conversation with an audience that will follow you to the moon and back.

Then, I created the Facebook Sales Funnel Lab where women entrepreneurs can:

  • Become a skillful copywriter to convince people who didn't think they needed stuff…to buy it anyway.

  • Develop an ad planning process to create a buyer persona that can’t refuse the irresistible offer.

  • Find the right eye-catching photo and use the science of color to grab the attention of the Facebook Scroller.

  • Create a landing page or microsite—just like this one—that is consistent with your ad and makes it easy for the audience to interact.

  • Learn how to combine all of the FREE components of Facebook: Groups, Units, Lives, Messenger, Events and Pages to engage with your tribe.

There are tons of Facebook Ad courses in the stratosphere. So, why me?

Because, I believe women entrepreneurs shouldn't have to wait to grow their income. I believe they should build their audience before spending countless hours of podcasting, blogging, YouTubing or Instagramming. I believe we need to have more conversations with the humans who buy from us.

The Facebook platform is the place to make that happen. Besides, I use the same technique for all three of my businesses: Marketing, Tax Prep and Travel, which I discuss inside The Lab.

Look, I coach throughout the entire process. Need a little extra help with the copy? I’m here. Need a mindset reset? I’m here. Need help with a business idea? I’m here. Need a recipe for a smoothie? I’m here for that too. Phone call, text or email. I’m here.

So, let’s sum this up.

I’m here to teach women entrepreneurs to become fluent in Facebook Everything—and build an empire or two…or three.

Click the purple button to find out what’s inside The Lab. And, become a member for One Price Only! Please note the limited time offer on the price.