Facebook Sales Funnel Lab: Marketing & Selling through Pages, Events, Groups and Ads

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Facebook Mastery Product Page.jpg

Facebook Sales Funnel Lab: Marketing & Selling through Pages, Events, Groups and Ads



Re-imagine your existing marketing strategy to make it like peanut butter to a dog. Super-Niche your business and create ads to Ultra-Target.  

Simply find the method in the copy, feel the rhythm in your voice, and write from your heart to produce amazing ads, landing pages and Facebook business profiles that are always approved by the Facebook police.

Then, develop a powerful sales script that can easily be adapted and integrated into your everyday conversations online and off, so you feel comfortable asking for the sale…without asking for the sale. 

Deliver your best service or product with confidence. Because, I know it’s just amazing!

Put all of these pieces together and unleash the possibility of having a funnel that is short, sweet and powerful.

No blogging, posting, YouTubing, Tweeting, Instagramming, snapping, chatting or photo pinning required. Who has time for that anyway?

We will create:

  • Ad planning sheets for creating your ideal client profile, the buyer persona and the ad.

  • 10 types of Facebook Ads

  • Simple Landing Pages and Microsites

  • Facebook Pages that tell stories

  • Groups & Events that Convert to Sales

  • Fill-in-the-Blank Templates & Sales Scripts

  • Tracking sheets for market research, split-testing and analyzing.

  • Branded Graphics and Eye-Catching Photos

  • Automated & Monetized Facebook Sales Funnels

  • Training on Lives and Messenger

  • Mini eCourses using Facebook Units to nurture your tribe for the sale

  • Copywriting Mastery [without this skill, your sales funnel will break in mid-cycle]

After registering, you will receive an email to join the Facebook Group: Empire Builder Workshop. The Course Modules are located inside The Lab. The Modules include written material, how-to videos and a scheduling link for one-on-one coaching.

You will learn everything there is to know about creating and selling through Facebook Sales Funnels to increase quality leads, self-qualifying prospects and income.

Join The Lab now!

It’s a ONE-TIME ONLY price for the membership. No monthly subscriptions. No premium pricing.


No refunds due to the digital nature of the content. Please read our refund policy here before purchasing.