My goal is to help you do one thing…build an Empire using Facebook Sales Funnels.

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Okay. Wait. I do other stuff too.

I do the money mindset shift thing. We overcome challenges, fears and overwhelm…together. I help women entrepreneurs’ live life and do business aligned with who they are by teaching them to create a foundation based on their philosophies and experiences.


I’m Denise, the owner of a 7-year old small digital marketing and advertising agency, Denise Marie Filmore, International, Inc. and the founder of the Empire Builder Academy, my new online marketing school for women entrepreneurs.

Look, most marketing strategists only teach you part of the sales funnel. And, once you complete their program, you have to search for another program, or two, to fill in the gaps.

My process takes you from beginner to intermediate to advanced in all-things Facebook and then some. That includes fine-tuning your mission, finding the right target audience, designing the offer, creating the copy, mastering the closing and everything in between. 

Whether it’s my agency’s Done-For-You consulting service or my Do-It-Yourself online coaching service, nothing is left out.

My 30+ years’ experience in tax preparation and accounting won’t let me leave out the details, and my graphic design and fine art skills won’t let me skip the creative process. My holistic health coach training will keep you inspired, motivated and emotionally healthy in all aspects of your life and business, so you get things done.

Escape the online clichés, the status quo and the usual suspects. Escape the super gurus who tell you to live life and do business in icky ways that makes you feel slimy all over.

Click the purple button below and join us in my new do-it-yourself group coaching program, The Facebook Sales Funnel Lab.

Over 50 Entrepreneur, Digital Marketer, Storyteller, Writer, Empire Builder, Full-Time Health Nut, Shoe Collector, Marvel Geek and Star Wars Fan Girl. That’s me.